His Own People (1918)

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Hugh O'Donnell (Harry Morey) is the blacksmith for a little Irish village, and his sweetheart is the mischievous Molly Conway (Gladys Leslie). On a nearby estate lives the unpopular Lord Percival Cheltenham (William Dunn), who constantly fights with the villagers because they poach on his land. When he gives a party, one of the guests is Lady Mary Thorne (Betty Blythe), who meets Hugh when she's having her horse shod. She finds his manliness appealing and invites him to come by the party. He does, secretly followed by Molly, who overheard their conversation. But the drunken Percival sees her and drags her into the house. A battle between some poachers and Percival's gamekeepers results in the death of a peasant. A band of villagers heads for the estate, intending to hang Percival. Hugh arrives on the scene and convinces the villagers to let him turn Percival over to the constable. But when he goes to the library, Molly -- who has been pursued by Percival this whole time -- dashes out. Eventually she is able to explain her presence there and Hugh takes her in his arms.