His Old-Fashioned Dad (1917)

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Country doctor Silas Morton (Daniel Gilfether) makes sacrifices so that his son, Emory (Richard Johnson), can go to medical school. But Emory wastes the money his father gives him in gambling and reckless living. His engagement to Nettie Wright (Lucy Payton) is in danger because her father (Dan Bailey) wants Emory to make something of himself first and marry his daughter later. After selling the horse and cow, Dr. Morton takes out a life insurance policy. When his son once again asks for money, he finally pays the boy a visit. By accident Emory has just made an important discovery of a bacillus, but when his father arrives he is playing cards. Dr. Morton is shocked but Emory calls him old-fashioned and claims he must gamble to carry on his research. Dr. Morton naively believes him and that night, on the way back home he gets into a car accident. Both he and the other driver are taken to the hospital, and the other man dies. Morton exchanges charts with the dead man so that his wife (Mollie McConnell) and son will benefit from the insurance. Surprisingly, Emory straightens up and gets back in good with Nettie and her father. Mrs. Morton, meanwhile, is alone and becomes unreasonably frightened of tramps. One night she sees the door knob move and shoots, only to discover that she has killed the husband she already believed dead.