Highbinders (1926)

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Tennis champion Bill Tilden (billing himself "William T. Tilden" for the occasion) wrote and starred in this silent melodrama about an author suffering from amnesia after being hit over the head by a gang of robbers. In a state of confusion, David Marshall (Tilden) falls in love with pretty Hope Masterson (Marjorie Daw), the girlfriend of gangster Bill Dorgan (Walter Long). The latter, in a fit of jealousy, kidnaps the girl but David comes to her rescue; hit over the head once again, David regains his memory but, fortunately, still recognizes Hope and they marry. Strangely enough, innocent-looking stills from this film featuring Tilden and child-actor Ben Alexander were used by a certain scurrilous modern writer to insinuate a less-than-professional relationship between the two.