High Stakes (1918)

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Is it possible that gentleman jewel thief Ralph Standing (J. Barney Sherry) is the man responsible for the pilfering of the valuable necklace known as The Southern Cross? Scotland Yard inspector Culvert (Harvey Clark) is convinced of Standing's guilt, and he intends to prove it. Supremely confident, Standing escapes every trap laid for him by Culvert, pausing only long enough to poke fun at the authorities for their inefficiency. Five years pass, during which time Standing has assumed a new identity and settled into domesticity with his wife Marie (Jane Miller). While leaving church one Sunday morning, Standing is unexpectedly confronted by Culvert, but this time the reasons are unofficial: Culvert's own son has been falsely accused of stealing a pearl necklace, and the Inspector hopes that Standing will be able to prove the boy's innocence. Amused by this turn of events, Standing retrieves the missing pearls, only to find that the whole affair was staged by Culvert in order to place Standing under arrest. But a last-minute plot twist, unexpectedly supplied by the owner of the pearls, allows Standing to elude his would-be captor one more time.