High Play (1917)

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1910s film star William Russell stars in this drama of intrigue and high finance. John Servier (Russell) is the vice president of a bank that is suffering financially because of the bad investments of its president, John Collins (Robert Klein). Gerald Morier (Clarence Burton) and his daughter, Elaine (Lucile Young), run a gambling den and want to get Servier under their influence. Elaine uses her feminine wiles to make Servier propose to her. But when the bank fails and he offers to use his fortune to reopen the bank's doors, Elaine angrily breaks up with him. Morier insists that Elaine reconcile with Servier, who has now become interested in Alice Leonard (Francelia Billington). Elaine tricks Servier into coming to her home and then fakes a suicide threat. He rushes after her into her bedroom, but hides when her father enters. In his attempt to leave via the fire escape, he is witness to a murder. Gautier Brooks, the killer (Edward Piel), refuses to cooperate with Servier, and points out that Servier's presence in Elaine's room would ruin her reputation. Ever the gentleman, Servier refuses to sacrifice a woman's honor, but when Brooks is picked up for speeding, he changes his mind and decides to tell the cops. Brooks writes a full confession and then shoots himself.