Hidden Pearls (1918)

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Hawaiian prince Tom Garvin (Sessue Hayakawa) receives an American college education and falls in love with Enid Benton (Florence Vidor). Enid, however, refuses to marry him unless he is able to support her in the style to which she's been accustomed. So at the request of his Honolulu-based Uncle John (Theodore Roberts), Tom goes to his native island in search of a rich deposit of pearls. On arrival, he is hailed as king and a chieftain's daughter, Tahona (Margaret Loomis), falls in love with him. She helps him locate the pearls, which he steals. But when he returns to his uncle, he feels badly about deceiving Tahona and his fellowmen. He refuses to give up the pearls to either Enid or his Uncle and instead, with the help of a native, cuts his arm open and conceals the pearls under his skin. He returns to his island just as Tahona is about to be put to death for Tom's wrongdoing. When Tom presents the pearls to his people she is saved and together, they become the island's rulers.