Her Wayward Sister (1916)

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This Lubin three-reel drama featured Helen Greene in a surprisingly unsympathetic role. Joan and Mary West (Blanche Burns and Elizabeth Bobbs) are the daughter of the village pastor (George Clarke). Joan's well-behaved and Mary's the bad little girl. Mary shuns fellow student Basil Forde (Mimi Yvonne), who is a hunchback, while Joan loves him from afar. The years pass and the children grow up. Basil (Clarence Jay Elmer) still loves Mary (Greene), who hates him, and he's still unaware that Joan (June Daye) is in love with him. Mary is promised to Mr. Bolton, the rector at a nearby parish, but when Hugh Dean (Francis Joyner) comes to town, Mary forgets all about Bolton. Dean and Mary elope to the city but she's still as wild as when she was a youngster and eventually she leaves him for a stage career. Basil, who has followed Mary to New York, discovers that she has left Dean and decides to bring the couple back together. He asks for Joan's assistance, and when she arrives, she has become at least as bad as Mary. She smokes, drinks, and parties like mad. But it's all a ruse to wake Mary up. The plan works and Mary and Joan return home to their father. Basil tells Dean that Mary has given up her wicked ways and the couple reconcile. Meanwhile, the hunchback has discovered that Joan loves him, and they are married.