Her Social Value (1922)

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Back in the 1920s one quality that benefited an actress was "the ability to wear clothes." The beautiful Katherine MacDonald does it well here. Marion Hoyte (MacDonald) is a shop girl with an unendurable home life. At work she is accused of stealing a purse, but before she can be fired, it is found by James Lodge, a young architect (Roy Stewart). Their meeting results in a romance, then marriage. But Shipley, a financier (Winter Hall), is upset because Lodge didn't marry his daughter Gwendolyn (Lillian Rich) and cancels a contract the two men had together. Lodge's friends, also upset because he was déclassé enough to wed a shop girl, desert him. Marion is dismayed at the trouble she is causing her husband, so she makes it appear that she has run off with Clifford Trent, a friend of Lodge's (Bertram Grassby). They divorce, and Trent tries to get his hands on some of Lodge's building plans which are in Marion's possession. Lodge, meanwhile, has gone West. Marion keeps the plans out of Trent's clutches and travels westwards to reunite with her husband.



architecture, extramarital-affair, love, self-sacrifice