Her Proper Place (1915)

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Australian-born actor Marc MacDermott stars in this implausible drama. Even though Agnes Reynolds (Miriam Nesbitt) is the eldest sibling, her two sisters, May and Clarabelle, take advantage of her. When May steals away Harry, the man Agnes loves, it's the last straw. She leaves her family and heads for the Capital, where she finds work as a stenographer. The office is across from that of Senator Northrup MacDermott) and one night while Agnes is working late, she hears an argument in the Senator's offices. There's a gun shot, and she rushes in to find Northrup wounded. She calls a doctor and cares for him until help arrives. Northrup, who was taken with Agnes's beauty, wants to find her, but she has returned home. To save face, she tells her family she has become secretly engaged to the Senator, who is now running for governor. When the news reaches Northrup, he is shocked, since he's never heard her name. Nevertheless, he attends a reception that Agnes's family is thro! wing, just to denounce this impostor. When he discovers that she is the same girl that helped him when he was shot, he decides being engaged to her isn't such a bad idea after all.