Her Only Way (1918)

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The Westbrook family has been ruined financially, and when the daughter Lucille (Norma Talmadge) comes home from boarding school, she finds herself in a terrible dilemma -- she either must marry a rich man she does not love and save her family's fortune, or marry the man she loves and lose everything. Her guardian wants her to wed wealthy broker Paul Belmont (Ramsey Wallace). When he proposes Lucille tells him to come back that night and she will have an answer for him. Then she has an argument about Belmont with Joseph Marshall, the man she really loves (Talmadge's frequent co-star, Eugene O'Brien). She sends Marshall away and falls asleep. The rest of the film is a dream in which she marries Belmont, who ignores her in favor of an old lover, Mrs. Randolph (Jobyna Howland). Marshall, meanwhile, becomes a successful lawyer and is a contender for District Attorney. In divorce proceedings, Belmont makes it look like Lucille and Marshall were having an affair. Angered at being framed, Lucille shoots Belmont dead and then turns the gun on herself. Then she is awakened by the doorbell ringing. It is Belmont, wanting an answer. Lucille says she will not marry him and instead she accepts Marshall's proposal.