Her Moment (1918)

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After Romanian peasant girl Katinka Veche (Anna Luther) sees her sweetheart, Jan Drakachu (William Garwood), off to America, her greedy father (William Lowery) sells her to a Bucharest man, who then sells her to Victor Dravich (Frank Brownlee) as a slave and mistress. Dravich takes her to the States, where they wind up in the same town where Jan is working. Katinka is ashamed of her circumstances, and the one night when Jan gets drunk and is taken to her cabin by his pals, she cares for him without revealing her identity. Her situation with Dravich has become so unbearable that she calls on Boris, a friend from the old country (Bert Hadley), and he comes over and kills him. Boris, in turn, is shot by the sheriff, and Katinka travels to New York, where Jan has gone. She finds him, but before she can pull the veils from her face and tell him who she is, a policeman arrests her for solicitation. Jan follows her to reform court, and when he hears her name announced, the couple are finally reunited. This seven-reel picture with its unlikely plot was, by all accounts, a couple reels too long.