Her Majesty (1922)

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Molly King has a duel role in this lightweight romance. Susan and Rosalie (both King) are twins who are raised by two different aunts. Susan grows up on a farm, while Rosalie is reared in society. Just before he comes home from college, Ted Harper (Creighton Hale) meets Susan and falls in love with her. Back home, he meets Rosalie and mistakes her for her sister. Rosalie keeps up the ruse, because her aunt approves of the young man's social standing, and because it allows her to carry on secretly with Harry Ives (Jerome Lawler). The aunt Susan has been living with dies, and she goes in search for the rich aunt. A man offers to help her and takes her to a sleazy roadhouse. There, Susan meets an old girlfriend of Ives. Because of what she learns, Susan is able to keep Rosalie from making a terrible mistake and running off with Ives. Rosalie regrets taking up Harper's time, and reunites him with Susan.



aunt, con/scam, cousin, death, escape, flapper, millionaire, money, mother, opportunist