Her Life and His (1917)

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Mary Murdock (Florence LaBadie) is caught robbing the house of Ralph Howard (H.E. Herbert) and goes to jail. When she gets out, she hunts down Howard and finds out his wife (who had insisted on Mary's conviction) has run off with another man. He is suicidal, but Mary convinces him he has much to live for and inspires him to work on helping ex-convicts. This he does, with Mary as his assistant, until the local politicians decide he is a menace. They get him appointed as warden of the state prison, and then with the help of a certain Nan Travers (Ethyle Cooke) involve him in a frame-up. Since a line of witnesses are giving false testimony, the outcome looks pretty bleak. But Mary purposely flirts with Nan's lover, which panics the woman so much that she tells the truth. Howard is released -- into Mary's waiting arms.