Her Excellency, the Governor (1917)

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The then-flourishing Woman's Suffrage movement was the inspiration for the Triangle-Fine Arts feature Her Excellency, the Governor. James Barclay (Wilfred Lucas) and Sylvia Marlowe (Elda Miller) meet at law school. As their careers progress they are both lovers and often adversaries -- he is a lawyer, she a prosecuting attorney, he becomes governor and under the suffragette ticket, she becomes lieutenant governor. But even though Sylvia admires Barclay's ideals, she has always refused to marry him. Comes the day, however, when his ideals start to crumble under the machine that elected him. The U.S. enters World War I and Barclay is faced with the Army Approbation bill. His men want him to veto it, a move Sylvia knows is wrong. So she tricks him into leaving it as unfinished business while he is out of state, and she signs it into law. On his return, Barclay wakes up to the evil of those around him and Sylvia finally consents to become his wife. This standard programmer was not exactly true to life!