Her Country First (1918)

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When Dorothy Grant (Vivian Martin) returns from boarding school, she is so fired up with patriotism that she decides to organize her friends into a military company, which they call the Girls' Aviation Corps (even though they don't fly, they happen to like the word "aviation" -- apparently it was more of a novelty in those days). With the help of a farmer who once served, she puts the girls through various drills. Then Dorothy finds out that German spies have come to her town, and this is particularly upsetting to her since her father owns a large munitions plant. She comes to the conclusion that their butler William (Lewis Willoughby) is one of the spies. But she's wrong -- the chauffeur Henry (James Farley) and cook Lena (Lillian Leighton) are the German agents, and they capture both her and William. The spies try to get the password to the munitions factory out of her, but she won't give it to them, even when they torture her. Finally the plucky lass is able to get help and have the spies taken into custody. All of this inspires Dorothy's slacker boyfriend Craig (J. Parks-Jones), and he joins up. This picture -- which was based on a story by Mary Roberts Rinehart -- was typical of the fare offered during World War I.