Her Beloved Villain (1920)

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This light comedy, based on the French farce La Veglione by Alexandre Bisson and Albert Carre, should have been funnier than it actually turned out to be -- especially with players like Wanda Hawley, Harrison Ford, and famed character actor Tully Marshall. Martinot, a French lawyer (Ford) falls for Susanne Bergomat (Hawley), but has to go on a business trip before he can find out much about her. So he asks his friend, Paul Blythe (Ramsey Wallace), to look into her background for him, and to propose on his behalf. Blythe winds up falling in love with her himself, so he tells Martinot that her father's a drunkard, her mother's a cabaret singer, and that she has inherited the worst traits of both. Martinot writes her off and Blythe marries her. A year later, the young lawyer wants to visit his friend, which sends Blythe into a panic. To hide Susanne's presence, he sends her off with his business partner, Dr. Poulard (Marshall), to visit her parents. But first, they make a stop in Nice to see the Carnival, during which Dr. Poulard gets drunk and passes out -- so Susanne goes off on her own. She runs into Martinot and discovers that he wanted to marry her. She's mad at being duped, so she decides to trick her husband into believing she is all the things he claimed she was, and worse. Mrs. Poulard (Lillian Leighton) helps in this regard when she accuses Susanne of having an affair with her husband. When Blythe has finally been utterly destroyed by Susanne's scandalous behavior, she lets him know it was all a hoax.