Her Aviator (1918)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

The long-forgotten stars to this comedy-drama play second fiddle to a hydroplane -- a real novelty in the days when WWI was coming to a close. While visiting Atlantic City with her aunt, Edith Vandiwert (Pearl Lewis) finds herself being passionately wooed by a count. The count, of course, is a phony, and in any case, Edith really prefers a wealthy young American, Arthur Dore (Arthur Chatterdon), who has a hydroplane. The count, determined to have his way, steals a necklace and puts the blame on Dore. Dore is disgraced in the eyes of those around him and he becomes determined to put things right. He gets his chance when the count kidnaps Edith so he can force her to marry him. Dore gives chase in his hydroplane and Edith is rescued in a thrilling climax. The count is exposed as a fake and arrested, while Edith and Dore are united.