Heart's Revenge (1918)

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Sonia Markova was the real-life daughter of the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and she took a brief stab at acting. Here she stars with a group of other long-forgotten actors in this Fox melodrama. Jim Harding (David Herblin) wins Vera Sabouroff (Markova). His rival, Baron Eugene Drako (Frank Goldsmith), refuses to accept defeat, however, and he conspires with Dr. Wu Ching, a Chinese physician (Bradley Barker). The baron obtains a special Chinese drug that "works on the brain cells, deadening all initiative and making the man fret" (according to the Motion Picture News synopsis). He administers this elixir to Harding and has him kidnapped. Vera, meanwhile, has become suspicious and gets the Baron to confess to his evil scheme. She then goes to her sweetheart's rescue and with a blow on the head, brings him back to reason. Meanwhile, Dr. Ching's daughter, Wu-Soy-Fa (Helen Long), disobeys her father and, as dictated by the rules of Buddha (at least the way American filmmakers interpreted them), she commits suicide.