Hearts or Diamonds? (1918)

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William Russell was a very popular star in the 1910s, best known for his action-packed features and serials. So when he started his own production company, it only made sense that his first effort would be an action picture (it was based on a magazine story by William Hamilton Osborne). Russell had the good sense to hire a talented up-and-comer as director -- Henry King. Larry Hanrahan (Russell) is a well-known diamond collector who rescues Colonel Paul Gascoyne (Howard Davies) and his daughter, Adrienne (Charlotte Burton, Russell's then wife) from an attack by thieves. Gascoyne claims to be a diamond manufacturer, who makes the gems for half the price of real ones. Hanrahan falls in love with Adrienne and shows her and her father his collection of valuable jewels. A few nights later a pair of robbers, one man and one woman, break into Hanrahan's home and steal his jewels. Hanrahan traces the thieves to Gascoyne's home and has to battle a bunch of crooks to get his diamonds back. Although it seemed at first that Adrienne had been involved, she is the one who ultimately helps Hanrahan contact the police. One of the thieves admits that Adrienne was innocent of any wrongdoing, and she and Hanrahan unite.