Heart's Desire (1917)

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After he has inherited the tiny island of St. Anne, Henri Le Roque (Mario Majeroni) writes his nephew, Paul, a young doctor (Albert Roscoe), and asks him to come over. Paul agrees, since his mercenary fiancée, Helene St. Simon (Helen Dahl), has just split up with him over his lack of money. Henri thinks he's having heart trouble, but Paul realizes that his mean-spirited uncle's biggest problem is that he has no heart whatsoever. Henri plans to make the island's tenants pay more rent, and he's disgusted that one family, which includes pretty Fleurette (Marie Doro), doesn't have to pay rent at all. Paul thinks Fleurette is sweet, which enrages her village boyfriend. One night while she is out picking a rose in an attempt to warm up Henri's chilly disposition, Paul mistakes her for a thief and shoots her in the arm. Sincerely sorry for what he's done, he takes the wounded girl to the castle and tenderly patches her up. Helene, meanwhile, has discovered that Paul is heir to St. Anne and brings her friends over for a visit. Fleurette believes that Helene is still engaged to Paul and leaves, but she runs into a mob of angry villagers, who are about to storm the castle. She risks her life to stop them, and when her village boyfriend is about to attack her, he is shot by one of the mob. Helene figures out that she's not wanted and takes off, leaving Fleurette and Paul to be together. Henri is finally won over by her and he gives the couple his blessings.