Hearts Asleep (1919)

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Mother Hawkins (Anna Dodge) is the proud head of a ring of successful crooks. Her only failure is Nancy (Bessie Barriscale), who insists on earning an honest living as a scrubwoman. When Gentleman "Chi" (Henry Woodward) comes around, looking for some help in a theft, Mother Hawkins sells him Nancy for a hundred dollars. Nancy runs away from the thief and seeks aid from her only friend, John Lewis (Frank Whitson), who lives in the building where she works. Lewis offers her protection, and recalls an argument he had with his pal Andrew Calvert (Tom Guise). Lewis claimed ladies are made, not born, and Calvert disagreed. Lewis sees Nancy as an opportunity to prove his point, and he sends her to school. Nancy flourishes under "Uncle" John's treatment, and she becomes a close friend of Calvert's daughter, Virginia (Vola Vale). But Chi, a Raffles-type character, reappears and courts Virginia. It would be simple for Nancy to keep quiet about her past, but the goodness of her nature inspires her to tell the truth and save her friend from Chi. The film ends on a romantic note, with Nancy and Lewis becoming a couple. Bessie Barriscale's own company produced this film.