Heartless Husbands (1925)

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The forgotten Gloria Grey was the star of the equally obscure Heartless Husbands. It takes quite a while for Ms. Grey to enter the picture; before her arrival, the audience is subjected to the sordid story of an abusive husband who beats his pregnant wife so badly that the baby is born with a disfiguring birthmark. The kid grows up on the streets then is taken under the wing of a safecracker, who hopes the boy will follow in his crooked footsteps. But upon learning the origin of the boy's birthmark, the safecracker softens and arranges for the kid to have a decent home and a good education. The boy becomes a football hero at college, where at long last he meets and falls in love with heroine Gloria Grey. When a nasty detective reveals to the girl that her sweetheart is the "foster son" of a notorious crook, Grey declares that she doesn't care and intends to love the hero to the end of her days. But there's still one obstacle to overcome when it turns out that Grey's own father may well be the no-good slug who gave the boy his permanent birthmark.



detective, disfigurement, education, football, hero, love, pregnancy, revenge, romance, safecracker, spouse-abuse, street-kid