Heart of Tara (1916)

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Captain Delmar (William Clifford) takes over a post in India where he served as lieutenant 20 years earlier. Along with him are his daughter Dorothy (Marvel Spencer) and underling Lieutenant Gray (Walter Spencer), who is in love with Dorothy. But waiting for the Captain is Rajah Selim (Sherman Bainbridge), who has held a grudge for the past two decades. Back then, Delmar fell in love with Tara (Marie James), the Rajah's favorite in his harem. Tara and Delmar planned to elope, but the Rajah killed her rather than lose her. Even though he ordered her killed, he blames Delmar for Tara's death, and now, to obtain vengeance, he has the captain and his daughter kidnapped and taken to his palace. Delmar is to be thrown to the lions, while Dorothy is to become part of the harem. But the Rajah wasn't counting on Lieutenant Gray, who with the help of current harem favorite Soma (Margaret Gibson), arrives in time to rescue both his boss and his sweetheart. Soma herself kills the Rajah just as he is about to attack Dorothy.