Heart of Rachael (1918)

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Rachael (Bessie Barriscale) marries Clarence Breckenridge (Hershel Mayall) a widower much older than herself. Although she tries to be a good wife, he ignores her for the bottle. In addition, his daughter, Billy (Ella Hall), who is not much younger than Rachael, is spoiled. When Rachael meets the family doctor, Warren Gregory (Herbert Heyes), they fall in love. She and Breckenridge divorce, and she marries Gregory. They are happy enough for a few years and have a couple of children (one of them, typically, is Ben Alexander). But Gregory has a wanderlust he didn't show up before he was married and he gets involved with an actress, Magsie Clay (Gloria Hope). Rachael finds out about the liaison and leaves, giving Gregory his freedom. But he goes to Europe instead of going off with Magsie. After he has returned, his little boy falls and is hurt. Rachael realizes her husband is the only man who can save him, so she brings the child to him. Because of this accident, Rachael and Gregory are finally brought back together. This story was originally a best-selling novel by Kathleen Norris.