Heart of Juanita (1919)

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The scenes depicting California's gold-rush days put a picturesque spin on a tired tale of passion and melodrama. Beatriz Michelena stars and her husband, George Middleton, directs. Juanita (Michelena) is a hot-blooded Spanish girl who works at a dancehall. She is carrying on a torrid affair with the dancehall's owner, Jim Brandt (Albert Morrison), until a blonde comes along and moves in on her territory. This pleases Juanita not one bit, and she stabs Brandt and runs off on a horse belonging to Sheriff Tanner (Andrew Robson). She hides out in a cabin belonging to trapper Calvert (Wiliam Pike), and becomes infatuated with him. Calvert, however, is in love with the daughter of Reverend Daniel Stiggins (Clarence Arper). The girl discovers Juanita's presence, and in a fit of anger, tells Brandt where she can be found, and goes to Sheriff Tanner, who she has promised to marry, and claims that Calvert insulted her. Brandt gets to Calvert's cabin first and the trapper knocks him cold. Then Tanner arrives, determined to battle it out with Calvert. Brandt comes to and starts to get involved, but Juanita chases him out of the cabin with a gun. Just when Tanner is about to kill Calvert, he discovers that he is his own son. Calvert's life is spared and he is united with Juanita.