Hand Invisible (1919)

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Rodney Graham (Montagu Love), a steel magnate in the 1890's, divorces his wife Alice (Virginia Hammond) when, after an accident, she is incapable of having children. While Alice seeks refuge with Graham's hated stepbrother, Arthur Hayes (William Sorrelle), Graham courts debutante Katherine Dale (Martha Mansfield). Katherine has already given her love, and herself, to Dick Allen (George Le Guere), but he is killed in a mine cave-in, so she marries Graham. A son is born, and Graham is happy, oblivious to the fact his joy is the result of others' tragedies. Rodney Graham, Jr. (also played by Le Guere, which should tell you something about his parentage) grows up and graduates from college. He falls in love with Haynes' daughter, Helen (Muriel Ostriche). When old man Graham finds out about their engagement he flies into a rage, and only reluctantly consents when his ex-wife intervenes. But a few days before the wedding, Graham uncovers evidence that Graham Jr. is not his son. This news sends him into a fit of anger that gives him a stroke. He is paralyzed and unable to talk, and so is unable to ruin the happiness of the young couple. This was a less-than-stellar directorial debut for Harry O. Hoyt -- The Hand Invisible takes itself far too seriously, and has not an ounce of humor to relieve its heaviness.