Gundam Wing: 33: The Lonely Battlefield (1995)

Genres - Science Fiction  |   Sub-Genres - Adventure Drama, Anime  |   Run Time - 30 min.  |   Countries - Japan  |  
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Zechs Merquise, the Lightning Count, has returned, aided by the old man Howard, one of the original designers of the Tallgeese. In their latest operation, Zechs destroys another shipment of mobile dolls headed for Earth, helping to slow the Romefeller Foundation's inexorable gains in world domination. Duke Dermail does not take the news of Zechs' return well. When he learns of Zechs' alternate identity of Milliardo Peacecraft of the Sanc Kingdom, he curses the Kingdom's growing influence in its teachings of pacifism -- even reaching into Romefeller itself. As Colonel Tubarov prepares to launch the mobile dolls to capture the Treize Faction's headquarters in Luxembourg, Duke Dermail plots to find a way to eliminate the threat of the Sanc Kingdom. He sends an invitation to Relena Peacecraft, offering her the chance to come to a conference in Bremen to teach them the ways of total pacifism, in anticipation of the end of the war. Relena can't resist the opportunity, though Lucrezia Noin is suspicious.