Grip of Iron (1913)

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This Apex four-reeler was evidently produced in France. The plot is motivated by a crusty old prosecuting attorney, who, though paralyzed from the neck down, wields a great deal of power over everyone in his orbit. Thanks to the oldster's "grip of iron," a hot-headed young thief is sentenced to an inordinately lengthy prison term. Seeking revenge, the convict's sweetheart sets about to ruin the merciless prosecutor by destroying the life of his son. When the convict escapes, he gleefully joins his sister in her diabolical scheme. As a capper to their perfidy, the despicable brother and sister inform the paralyzed prosecutor of their plans, knowing full well that he is unable to stop them. But the old man's "grip of iron" is far stronger than anyone previously suspected, and it is this heretofore unknown fact that brings about the villains' downfall.