Grim Comedian (1921)

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Although this was a mediocre programmer at best, Jack Holt still manages to shine in an unsympathetic role. Actress Marie Lamont (Phoebe Hunt) has been living well due to a string of lovers and has kept her daughter, Dorothy (Gloria Hope) sequestered in a convent far, far away from her fast lifestyle. But when Dorothy leaves the convent to come live with her mother, Marie decides to reform. She gives up her fancy apartment and her latest lover, Harvey Martin (Holt), to concentrate on her daughter and her career, in that order. But Martin has fallen for Dorothy, and Dorothy cares for him too, even though she is already promised to a young artist, Geoffrey Hutchins (John Harron). Martin sees Dorothy secretly, but eventually Marie finds out and she begs him to stay away from her daughter. Martin, however, persists and finally Marie shoots him in the hand. The truth is that the worldly Martin really does love Dorothy. However, he acknowledges that the situation is wrong, and gives up Dorothy to Hutchins.



bachelorette, behind-the-scenes, convent, daughter, forbidden-love, love-triangle, mother