Green Swamp (1916)

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Bessie Barriscale plays Margery Ellison, the wife of handsome physician Dr. Ward Allison (Bruce McRae). Insanely jealous of Dr. Allison's female patients, Margery goes out of her way to make her husband's life sheer Hell. The limit comes when she refuses to deliver a message from one of Allison's patients, an act that very nearly costs the life of the patient's child. At last realizing the consequences of her behavior, Margery begs her husband's forgiveness. Coldly, Dr. Allison replies "I see no reason." But Margery does have a reason -- she is pregnant. This not only mollifies Allison but prevents him from informing Margery that he has just treated a contagious tetanus victim, for fear that Margery will go into a panic and lose her baby. Misunderstanding Allison's secretive behavior in this matter, Margery once more jumps to the conclusion that her husband is unfaithful, and the whole sorry cycle starts all over again.