Green Eyes (1918)

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Southerner Pearson Hunter (Jack Holt) marries Shirley, a Northerner (Dorothy Dalton), and brings her down to his home. There, she finds an acquaintance, Alexander Chapman (Robert McKim), and the fact that she knows him rouses her new husband's jealousy. This is fanned even further when Pearson's younger brother, Morgan (Emory Johnson) returns from college. His fiancee, Margery (Doris Lee), believes there is something going on between Shirley and Morgan and complains to Pearson. At a dance at the Hunter home, Chapman shows up drunk, and in a fight, Morgan knocks him down. After Morgan goes back in the house, Chapman is strangled by Jim Webb (Clyde Benson), a poverty-stricken consumptive who bore him a grudge. When Chapman's dead body is found, Morgan believes he is a murderer and runs to Shirley. Pearson finds them together and believes the worst. He goes out to the garden, where he hears the whole story about Chapman, and also hears Webb's confession. He finally figures out the truth and rushes back to ask Shirley to forgive him -- which, of course, she does.