Greater Profit (1921)

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Maury (Edith Storey) is a shoplifter and safecracker from New York's Lower East Side. She's caught stealing, but is saved from a prison sentence by the wealthy Mrs. Hardage (Lillian Rambeau). Mrs. Hardage brings her to her home and puts her to work investigating food prices for the Fair Price Committee. Maury meets Ward Ransom (Pell Trenton), who has recently returned from the Great War. Maury welcomes Ransom's attentions, even though he's supposed to be courting Mrs. Hardage's daughter, Rhoda (Dorothy Wood). She's not so thrilled, however, with the attentions of Mr. Hardage (Ogden Crane), and lets him know it. Crawkins, an associate of Maury's from the old days (Lloyd Bacon), causes a rift when he lies to Ransom about her past. The heartbroken Maury decides to return to her old life and rifles the Hardage's safe before she leaves. She finds some papers there which reveal that Mr. Hardage is working with the profiteers. She tells Ransom, who is about to go into partnership with him. She also approaches Hardage with her information and makes him halt his wrongdoing. Ransom finds out that Crawkins lied about Maury, and the couple are reunited.



arrest, bad-guy, evidence, fiancee, good-guy, husband, marriage, proposal [romantic], rescue, shoplifting