Goonland (1938)

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Popeye sets sail in search of his long-lost Pappy, who deserted our hero when he was a mere "infink". The search takes Popeye to an uncharted island populated by the Goons, a fearsome-looking race of hairy, misshapen monstrosities. After briefly disguising himself as a Goon, Popeye finally locates his Pappy, who is being held in a makeshift jail. Alas, Pappy refuses to be rescued and tells his son to get lost ("I hates reliktives!")--but when Popeye is captured and sentenced to "death by boulder", Pappy's long-dormant paternal instinct is aroused and the old geezer saves the day. Among the cartoon's highlights is the hilarious Pirandellian finale ("That was a lucky break")--which, unfortunately, is all but ruined in the computer-colorized TV version of Goonland.