Good Provider (1922)

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After the success of 1920's Humoresque, it only made sense to put together all the same elements -- a story by Fanny Hurst, directed by Frank Borzage, and starring Dore Davidson and Vera Gordon as an old Jewish couple. But this time around, instead of concentrating on the mother, the father, played by Davidson -- Julius Binswanger -- is the focus. Through his years of struggle, selling dry goods from a cart, Binswanger has provided for his chidden, Pearl (Vivienne Osborne) and Izzy (William "Buster" Collier Jr.). But the kids see only a dead end living in the small town they call home. When mamma Becky (Gordon) agrees that they should move to the city, Binswanger complies. But city life is much more expensive, and it costs more for the Binswangers to stay in their hotel than poppa makes in a day. When he runs out of money, he contemplates suicide so that his family can live off the insurance money. But when Pearl marries a rich young man who invests in Binswanger's business, the family is saved. After this close call, they decide they were happier in their country home and return.



business, business-financing, city-life, daughter, finances, son, suitor