Good Loser (1918)

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After recovering from a near-fatal illness, prospector Harry Littlejohn (Lee Hill) decides to seek a less strenuous means of making a living. Accordingly, Harry becomes a gambler, and a very good one. Never forgetting the fact that local "sawbones" Doctor Jim (Arthur Millett) saved his life, Harry becomes the doctor's best and closest friend. Thus, when Doctor Jim returns from the East with his new bride Evelyn (Peggy Pearce) in tow, Harry prudently chooses not to reveal that he and Evelyn were once lovers. Feeling neglected by her husband, Evelyn begins playing the field with Jack Monroe (Dick Rosson), eventually running off with her new sweetie. Out of loyalty to Doctor Jim, Harry tracks down the illicit lovers and ends up shooting it out with Monroe. When the smoke clears, Monroe is dead and Harry is mortally wounded. Doctor Jim catches up with his wife, surveys the situation, and jumps to the incorrect conclusion that Harry had tried to steal Evelyn away from him. But while overhearing the deathbed conversation between Harry and Evelyn, Jim learns the truth -- which, as it generally does, "sets him free."