Good Gracious Annabelle (1919)

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The plot to this picture, based on a play by Clare Kummer, seems ludicrous nowadays, but in 1919 it made for light comic entertainment. When the father of sixteen-year-old Annabelle Leigh (Billie Burke) is killed in a fight, miner John Rawson (Herbert Rawlinson) snatches her away from the scene and takes her to his cabin for the night. In the morning, she insists she was "compromised" by the situation, so he marries her. But after a spat, he tells her to leave and she goes to another city. Annabelle doesn't even know the name of the man she married; however, he strikes it rich and sends her money, which she spends on frivolous entertainment. One day, six years later, one of the checks is returned, much to her chagrin. About this time, Rawson comes to town and checks into the same hotel where Annabelle is living. They meet, and while they don't recognize each other, Rawson falls in love with Annabelle. Since she's broke, she gets a job as a cook at a country home in Long Island, and her friends, thinking it's all a joke, also hire themselves out as menial workers, as Rawson rents the place to stay near Annabelle. Eventually they figure out that they're already married to each other, facilitating the usual happy ending.