Good-Bad Wife (1921)

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While in Paris, American William Carter (Sidney Mason) has an affair with dancer Fanchon La Fare (Dorothy Green). Although he intends to marry the girl back home, he winds up wedded to Fanchon instead. When he shows up with her, his conservative, church-going Southern family is scandalized by her free-spirited, continental ways. The situation worsens when her former husband comes around, wanting her money. The man is shot dead by William's brother, who has grown fond of Fanchon. The boy is tried for the murder, but Fanchon's testimony saves him. After it's all over, she goes to the woods to die, since she's been ordered out of the house. But William comes searching for her and brings her back into the family. This picture, based on a magazine story, "The Wild Fawn," by Mary Imlay Taylor, was directed by Broadway leading woman Vera McCord.