Golden Snare (1921)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

Even in 1921, tales of the Northwest Mounted Police had already been done countless times before, so this drama -- based on a story by the dependable James Oliver Curwood -- was nothing new or special. Sergeant Philip Rainey (Lewis S. Stone) is out to get his man -- in this case, Bram Johnson (an excellently cast Wallace Beery), who, many years before, had killed a dozen men to avenge the death of his father. Rainey's travels up north take him to a cottage where a dying man hands him a baby (Esther Scott) and a rabbit snare made of a girl's hair, which belongs to Johnson. Rainey meets pretty Celie (Ruth Renick), who was raised from infancy by Johnson. A gang of marauders, led by Black Dawson (Wellington Playter), want to kidnap the girl. They capture Johnson and Rainey, but Johnson battles the bad guys and makes short work of them. He is mortally wounded, however, and before he dies, he reveals how he found Celie on a deserted ship. Celie is glad to marry Rainey and be a mother to the infant he was given.



damsel-in-distress, false-accusation, hideout, love, Mountie (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), murder, rescue, romance, survivor