God's Crucible (1921)

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When Michael Kalmar (Wilton Lackaye) becomes a political prisoner, his children, Ivan (Gaston Glass) and Irma (Edna Shipman), are forced to flee Russia. They land in Winnipeg, where they encounter one of their father's enemies, Makaroff (William Colvin). Marjorie (Gladys Coburn), the daughter of Sir Robert Mencies (Bigelow Cooper), is attracted to Ivan after hearing him play his violin. This incurs the enmity of Mortimer Stanton, the Winnepeg district attorney (Bradley Barker), who loves Marjorie. While she is one of the guests at Makaroff's home, Irma is insulted. There is a fight and the lights go out. When they come back on, the insulter lies dead. Ivan is accused of killing him, but his father shows up and takes the blame. He is sent to prison while Ivan becomes the foreman of a mine owned by Jack French (Robert T. Haines). Makaroff tries to take over the mine's ownership, and when he is unsuccessful, he tries to blow it up. His attempt, however, only results in his own death. It is finally discovered that the Kalmar servant (Ann Sutherland) killed the man who insulted Irma, and Michael is freed. Ivan and Marjorie wind up together.