The Goddess of Spring (1934)

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It's the myth of Persephone, Disney style, in this lavish "Silly Symphony". In the world of long, long ago, the animals and flowers of the forest enjoy perfect weather all year 'round, courtesy of the beauteous, redheaded Goddess of Eternal Spring (Disney's first attempt to animate a "realistic" female character). One terrible day, from the bowels of the earth arises the demonic King of Hades (not named Pluto on this occasion for obvious reasons), who chooses the Goddess as his queen and spirits her away to his fiery Underworld kingdom. As Technicolor flames leap into the air and a host of tiny demons perform a Cab Calloway-style music number, the world above is caught in the grip of a fierce snowstorm. Aware that the Goddess is profoundly unhappy, the King of Hades strikes a bargain: If she will agree to stay with him for half of each year, she can return to Earth for the other half...and that, boys and girls, is how the seasons of Spring and Winter came to be.