Glory (1917)

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The vaudeville comedy team of William Kolb and Max Dill star in this absurd comedy-drama. Kolb is Louis Bohn and Dill is Mike Plotts and they live in the town of Glory, where oil is discovered. The Consolidated Oil Company moves in and takes control of the wells in a shifty manner. One of their executives takes advantage of a woman and a baby is born. The child is named Glory Glory (Doris Baker) (of the town of Glory) and is adopted by Louis and Mike. She grows up (to be played by Juanita Hansen) and falls in love with the president's son. She urges him to make his father give Glory's inhabitants a fair deal on the oil wells, but at first he refuses. Eventually, however, he comes around to her way of thinking. This was apparently Kolb and Dill's first motion picture, but it was released a year after it was made. During that time, they made several other films for Mutual that weren't very good. This one had quite a few silly-funny gags ("Who are the trustees of this town?" "I am the trustees."), but at seven reels (when most features of the time ran five), it was too long.