Glory of Yolanda (1917)

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Duke Boris meets the beautiful Yolanda (the beautiful Anita Stewart) while on a hunt with some fellow nobles, and he decides to put her and her mother up in luxurious quarters in Petrograd. He finances Yolanda's ballet studies, but when her brother Serge comes to visit, he points out that the situation is highly improper (both Yolanda and her mother must have been impossibly naive not to have figured this out before). Now that she realizes the nature of the situation, Yolanda resolves to pay the Duke back for all he's done once she has achieved success. Then she meets a young artist (Evart Overton) and falls in love with him. This infuriates the Duke. On the night of her grand debut, she scorns his elaborate floral arrangements for the artist's simpler bouquets, so the Duke has the artist exiled to Siberia. The he tries to force himself on Yolanda and is killed by Serge. Yolanda then throws everything away to accompany her artist in Siberian exile. It must be that 1917 was the year for heavy Russian dramas -- this was only one of several pictures of this type, including the Norma Talmadge vehicle Panthea, that were released.