Girl Problem (1919)

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Corinne Griffith plays Erminie Foster, a girl with literary aspirations. Since her ambitions lie beyond her grasp, she has a day job as a model. One day writer Ernest Sanford (Walter McGrail) comes into the modiste's shop where she works and wants to use her as the "flapper" prototype in a satirical book he's writing on women. Erminie is insulted and refuses. Some days later, wearing a sumptuous gown from her work, she crashes a fancy reception. Sanford is there. So is Erminie's boss, who is about to have her thrown out but the writer comes to the rescue, claiming her as his cousin. He takes her home at 3 A.M., but her crusty aunt won't let her in. Sanford suggests she stay at his place (he also has an aunt, but this one will conveniently serve as a chaperone). She winds up staying there as inspiration for Sanford's book and starts to do a little writing of her own. She also proceeds to become entangled with Sanford's love life. He's engaged to be married to Helen Reeves (Agnes Ayres) who likes his money, but loves Monte Ralston (William David). Ralston is determined to have Helen, so he tells her he will show Sanford her letters to him. Erminie hears of this and goes to steal the letters from Ralston's apartment. When she gets back, Sanford (who has fallen in love with her) is angry and wants to know where she has been. Just then, Helen and Monte come by and explain the situation. All wind up happily with the ones they love.