Girl Alaska (1919)

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Much ado was made of the fact that this film was shot in Alaska (at the time only a U.S. possession and not a state) instead of faking it in California, as was typical during the silent era. Mollie (Lotte Kruse) is a young girl who has been alone since her father left for the gold mines of the North. She hears about the opportunities to be had by brave, rugged men in Alaska and she decides to disguise herself as a boy and head north herself. As a stowaway, and calling herself "Alaska," she meets Phil Hadley (Henry Bolton) and together they reach Skagway and head out for gold country. They meet an ancient prospector and strike paydirt just as the old man dies -- in one of those cinematic coincidences, he just happens to be Mollie's father. Hadley decides he wants to go back East and find a wife, but before he can leave, an accident lays him low. He's nursed back to health by Mollie, who he finally discovers after four and a half reels, is a girl. So he doesn't have to leave Alaska to find a woman, after all. The location shots are just about all this film had going for it; otherwise it was tedious fare.