Ginger (1919)

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Ginger (Violet Palmer) is mistreated by her crook of a father. He forces the young girl to help him with his criminal activities. During one burglary they are caught, and the father is sent to jail. The judge (Paul Everton), however, takes pity on Ginger and takes her home to raise her properly. His son, Bobby (Garreth Hughes) eventually warms up to her and Ginger's friend from the old days, newsboy Tim Mooney (Raymond Hackett) often visits with them. A few years pass and the United States enters the Great War. Bobby and Tim both enlist, and Ginger is left alone with the judge. Since she doesn't want any gossip spoiling this innocent situation, she too enlists. She hooks up with her two chums, but Tim is mortally wounded. Bobby brings him back over No Man's Land so he can see Ginger once more, and then Bobby and Ginger are wed in the forest, where the fighting had been at its worst. Despite the epic sound of this plot, Ginger, in reality, was nothing more than what they referred to in those days as a mere "program feature."