Gentleman of Quality (1919)

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After a quarrel with his guardian, John Ashton (Earle Williams) travels from New York to London, where he is approached by a servant who insists he is Lord John Hertford. Ashton goes home with him and finds that this Lord Hertford has a wife, Lady Mercy (Katherine Adams), who is thrilled to have him back. Apparently her husband had left their house the day of the wedding and never returned. So Ashton steps into Hertford's shoes and eventually becomes so confused he's not even sure who he is anymore. The truth is the real Lord Hertford wound up in India, where he was found by his brother, but when his brother sailed towards home with this news he was shipwrecked. Years later, the brother finally returns and accuses Ashton of being an impostor. Ashton finally accedes to this and prepares to leave, but then he discovers a wire that says the real Lord Hertford is dead, and by some strange cinematic coincidence, it turns out Ashton was actually Lord Hertford's twin brother, stolen at birth. Ashton has a right to the title after all. This picture was based on a book of the same name by Frederick Van Ransselaer Dey.