Gay Old Dog (1919)

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On her deathbed, Mrs. Dodd (Mary Chambers) makes her son Jimmy (John Cumberland) swear that he will provide for his sisters (Emily Lorraine, Inez Marcel and Frances Neilson) until they marry before making a home for himself. Since the sisters are selfish, spoiled and not particularly attractive, this takes quite a long time. As a result, Jimmy loses the only girl he ever loved. When finally the sisters are gone, Jimmy decides to live it up a little. But his attempts to enjoy life are pathetic, and his sisters are upset that he refuses to behave respectably. Jimmy, however, tells them to mind their own business. Nevertheless, this doesn't hide the fact that he has become a terribly lonely old man. This picture was based on a magazine story by Edna Ferber, and was adapted for the screen by Mrs. Sidney Drew.