Fuss and Feathers (1918)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

Prospector Pete Baldwin (John P. Lockney) and his daughter Susie (Enid Bennett) finally strike it rich. A mining promoter, Martin Ledyard (Charles French), has them come to San Francisco so he can buy their claim. Mrs. Ledyard (Sylvia Ashton) is disgusted by the Baldwins' crude table manners and shows it; Susie drags her father off in a huff, and becomes determined to learn proper etiquette. She hires the rascally J. Wells Stanton (Robert McKim) as a teacher, but it is not long before old Pete fires him. Meanwhile, the Ledyard son, Robert (Douglas MacLean) returns home from college after being expelled. His father, angry about his son's behavior, tosses him out to fend for himself. Stanton runs across Robert and mugs him, leaving him unconscious in the street. He is found by Susie and Pete and they take him home. When he comes to, he gives them a fake name and takes over the tutorial position. Of course, it is not long before he falls in love with Susie. A neighbor recognizes Robert and tells his parents where he is. The Ledyards dash over to the Baldwins to save their son from Susie's "machinations." They arrive just as Stanton does -- he's there to rob the Baldwins. Robert finds him and a struggle ensues. Stanton is about to shoot Robert when Susie halts him by shooting him in the arm. The Ledyards and Baldwins make up, leaving Robert and Susie's romance blissfully unhampered. The film's star, Enid Bennett, and director, Fred Niblo, were a married couple who often worked together.