From Two to Six (1918)

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Inventor John Stevens (Forrest Robinson) has invented a device that will destroy submarines and a German spy, Baron von Wiederholts (Robert Fischer), steals the plans with the help of his accomplice, Madame Elsa (Margaret Greene). Stevens' daughter Alice (Winifred Allen) follows the spies to a New York hotel. Also at the hotel are two families, the Skeeles and the Worths. Richard Skeele (Clarence Handyside) and George Worth (Charles B. Wells) have decided that their children, Howard Skeele (Earle Fox) and Margaret Worth (Madeline Marshall) shall marry. But the two young people refuse and are locked in their respective rooms by their parents. Howard sneaks out the window and winds up in the Baron's suite, where he spies Stevens' papers being hidden. A little while later, when Alice enters Howard knocks the Baron out and shows her where the plans are. Together they escape and Howard -- who will lose his fortune by six o'clock if he isn't married -- convinces her to marry him. They wed, with Margaret's consent, and Alice returns to her father with his plans...and with Howard. This picture was based on a story, The Button Thief, by Arthur Stringer. Earle Fox, incidentally, went on to serve in World War I and when he returned, he established a military academy. Many of his pals from the movie industry sent their children to be educated there.