Fringe of Society (1918)

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Because he is a secret binge drinker and understands the evils of liquor, newspaper owner Martin Drake (Milton Sills) supports Prohibition in the columns he writes. He is unaware that his supposed friend Medford (J. Herbert Frank) is a leader of the liquor interests and also lusts after his wife, Esther (Ruth Roland). But Drake's star reporter, Tip O'Neill (not the House of Representatives Speaker, but George Larkin), informs him of Medford's liquor connections. Drake walks in on Medford just as he has grabbed Esther, and the sight sends him on a bender. He winds up in court charged with disorderly conduct, and after givings a false name to keep the proceedings a secret, he is sent away for ten days. When he is released, he is blackjacked and held captive by one of Medford's men (Tammany Young). Esther pleads with Medford for her husband, but he attacks her. O'Neill locates his boss and gathers the information needed to ruin Medford. Drake, meanwhile, hurries over to Medford's apartment and practically strangles him to death before the merciful Esther interrupts him.